Airport days bring fun for all

Real planes and RC models soar skyward to compete

A combined 108 Airport Fun Days event will take place at the South Cariboo Regional (108) Airport July 26/27, and the public is welcome.

Organizer Bill Hood says the hope is by amalgamating the former annual 108 Airport Day and 100 Mile Model Flyers Fun Fly-In Day event, a good crowd will turn out to enjoy the best of both activities.

Model plane enthusiasts operating their scaled-down, radio controlled versions will perform and play aeronautic games to entertain spectators and have a go at pilot-and-draw prizes, he explains.

On a larger scale – providing all goes well by then – Hood says there may be public helicopter rides, but this is pending aircraft availability under the forest fire watch now underway in the Interior. It is keeping them pretty busy, he notes.

He says everyone is welcome to show up at the tarmac for some good family fun and plenty of model aviation action in this airport appreciation event.

“Admission is going to be by cash donation with the proceeds going to BC Children’s Hospital this year.”

Anyone interested in model flying can seize the chance to test their skill in the skies without laying out the funds to buy a radio controlled plane, when the100 Mile Model Flyers hosts free, hands-on training for the public from noon to 1 p.m.

Hood notes the trainer will use a buddy box to ensure folks don’t crash the aircrafts while they try out a fixed-wing model plane.

The model games begin at 1 p.m. with the ribbon-cutting combat, where the model pilots aim to use their propellers to slash a ribbon to claim a prize.

“We get a bunch of little airplanes up there pulling a ribbon around, so they chase each other trying the cut the ribbon. It is hilarious. And, the planes are specially built for it.”

Hood adds this will be followed by the How Low Can You Go Limbo (without crashing) contest, which gets a bit dicey.

“When you get close to the ground, bad things can happen.”

Another fun game to watch while the model pilots compete is the always-popular egg drop, where an egg nested in a foam cup on the models is bounced out toward a target on the ground.

The spot landing contest will test the model pilots’ abilities to hit the spot and land on target, he explains.

More games will take place on Sunday, Hood says, so be sure check out Airport Fun Days on at least one of the two days.

“Come on out and enjoy a fun family day of model aviation action and entertainment.”

Admission by donation is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on July 26 and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. July 27 (approximate end times).

An all-day concession will keep folks hydrated and bellies full while they take in the aerial action.

Camping spots are available for participating pilots.

Dogs will not be allowed entrance to the airport, so folks should plan to leave them at home.

For more information, call Hood at 250-791-2575, or visit 100-Mile-Model-Flyers on Facebook.