70 Mile House carriage-driving event cancelled due to wet, soggy conditions

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Bakers Verna Labinsky

Bakers Verna Labinsky

The Huber Farm carriage-driving field trials at 70 Mile House were cancelled on May 18 due to the inclement weather.

The drivers were worried about the wet grounds, and since it was the first event of the season for most of them, they thought it would be better to save the ponies for the next event. However, they all walked the cones and marathon course with Ken and Dennis Huber to discuss the best way to negotiate the cones and the different choices of routes were discussed for each hazard on the marathon.

The next driving event is the Cariboo Trails CDE at the Huber Farm on July 19-20. The Hubers need about 26 volunteers to help with the event, so if you can spare some time and want to enjoy the outdoors and watching the event while helping, please call Ken at 250-456-6050.


Garage sale great

The South Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department (SGLVFD) garage/bake sale was very well attended in spite of the poor weather.

They sold more than 350 pies, which were baked over a six week period by the dedicated, hard-working Ladies Auxiliary members.

There was a wide selection of apple, cherry and berry pies. The majority of the pies were sold within the first hour, with only eight apple pies left at the end of the sale. There was also a good selection of butter tarts, Rice Krispies squares, cupcakes and bread.

Tickets were sold for raffle items, which were donated by local businesses and raised $595. The garage sale items brought in more than $1,000 and the final tally is still waiting for the baking revenue.

As always, the money raised by the garage/bake sale goes back into the operational funds for the SGLVFD. The organizers thank everyone for their tremendous support.


Thank you

I am sad to say good-bye to all my readers and it has been very exciting for me to be able to report on our local activities throughout these past years.

I wish everyone good health and great memories. Have a great summer!