The Cariboo-Thompson Nicola Library System bookmobile on the road in 1993. (100 Mile Free Press Historical photo)

The Cariboo-Thompson Nicola Library System bookmobile on the road in 1993. (100 Mile Free Press Historical photo)

21 YEARS AGO, a 103 Mile woman loses home to fire

From the Free Press archives

28 YEARS AGO (1993): As the Cariboo-Thompson Nicola Library System prepared to split between the two regional districts the fate of the bookmobile was up in the air. The bookmobile was housed on a bus that stopped in Lone Butte, Watch Lake and at Little Horse on North Green Lake. Prior to the split, the bookmobile had been the library system’s busiest branch, moving 47,000 books annually. South Cariboo residents expressed their misgivings and offered affection to bookmobile librarians Bud and Jan Davidson, who had remained quiet throughout the controversy.

21YEARS AGO (2000): A 103 Mile woman lost her home just 10 days before Christmas. The home, owned by Wayne Walker and rented to Emily Thomason, caught fire and was fully engulfed in flames by the time the 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department and 100 Mile Fire Rescue arrived. While neither Thomason nor her dog Buck was at home during the blaze, she said that “everything was gone” including irreplaceable ancestral pictures from Nova Scotia and other personal items. Until she could find a new place to live her boss, Ramada Inn manager Rob McLean put her up at the hotel.

14YEARS AGO (2007): Three young snowmobilers were happy to be safe at home after spending half a night in a snow cave on Spanish Mountain. Travis Weber, Ryan Latimer and Jason Simms went up the mountain for a little snowmobiling fun in -17C. However, Weber said they were caught in a “flat light situation” when snow began falling in the early afternoon, ruining his depth perception and causing him to drive his sled off a 20-foot bank, burying it. The young men used snowmobile fuel and a sparkplug to light a fire. Their families found them at 2 a.m., no worse for wear.

7 YEARS AGO (2014): The 100 Mile House Wranglers were undermanned and battered going into a three-game weekend. Despite losing every game in what Wranglers forward Cory McCabe described as their “worst weekend we’ll face this year,” coach Dale Hladun was proud of the determination his team displayed. Hladun said his players offered no excuses throughout the games and challenged each other between periods. With playoffs only a few months away, he said he “couldn’t be happier” that such energy was bubbling below the team’s surface.

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