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2009: The Emissaries of the Divine Light sells last of its property

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16 YEARS AGO (2005): Canadian cattle crossed the U.S. border for the first time since a 2003 outbreak of mad cow disease. The United States Department of Agriculture had attempted to reopen the border in march but an injunction had prevented reopening until it was overturned by the US Appeals Court. B.C. Cattlemen’s Association general manager David Borth attributed the recent victory to the triumph of science over politics. Borth said the Canadian cattle industry was mobilizing to ship as many cattle as they could across the border to make up for lost time and revenue.

12 YEARS AGO (2009): 100 Mile House saw the end of an era as the Emissaries of the Divine Light sold the last of the property they had owned since 1912. The subdivision, located behind the Red Coach In, had been home to the Canadian chapter of the Emissaries since 1948 until it was sold to Wade and Denise Balbernie. Included in the purchase were 12 acres of land, 32 housing units, a barn, a community garden and some open land. The Balbernies said they had no plans to make significant changes to this piece of 100 Mile House’s history.

8 YEARS AGO (2013): Fuse-it-Up brought students from Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School and 100 Mile Junior Secondary together ahead of their amalgamation in 2014. The event was designed to introduce the Grade 7 to 9 students to their new schools and let the Grade 10 to 11 students adjust to the increased student population their school would have next year. Students got to share their concerns about the upcoming change and how to build an accepting fun culture going forward. After an Intention Ceremony, the two groups of students planted a flowering plum tree in the courtyard dubbed ‘the Unity Tree’.

4 YEARS AGO (2017): Members of 100 Mile House Fire Rescue welcomed the residents of the South Cariboo home as evacuees returned from across the province. After two weeks of being evacuated due to the Elephant Hill and Gustafsen fires, thousands of people returned homes, many with tears in their eyes as they drove by emergency service vehicles lining Highway 97. Fire Chief Roger Hollander said he was proud of the tireless work his team had undertaken over the weeks that everyone else was away to protect the community and the surrounding area.

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