Larry Rode behind the microphone in 2017. (File photo)

Larry Rode behind the microphone in 2017. (File photo)

100 Mile’s longest-serving radio host continues to be off the air

Larry Rode is still recovering from a stroke

100 Mile’s longest-serving radio host won’t be back on the air, at least for a little while.

Larry Rode says he’s stepping back and concentrating on a full recovery after a stroke in November.

“I’m dealing with some issues, memory, for example, short term memory,” he says, as well as some cognitive problems like problem-solving.

“So until these things resolve themselves, it wouldn’t be fair to me. It wouldn’t be fair to the audience, going on air, and, you know, just not being 100 per cent.”

Recovery could be any time but it looks like it could be a little bit of an extensive one.

“This is not a fast process. I’m still recovering from surgery as well.”

Rode has been in radio for 40 years, 32 of which have been in 100 Mile House, but has now been off the air for six months.

The things he misses the most are the people and the ambiance in the morning, he says.

“The opportunity to share information with the public and intermingle with what’s going on out there in the community. I miss that,” he says. “Thank you to everybody for the wonderful years so far. Thank you to the company for giving me the opportunity to serve the public for so long and hopefully we’ll see you soon down the road.”

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