100 Mile goes Idle Free

100 Mile House business can purchase Idle Free signs until July 15

The deadline for businesses to order an Idle Free 100 Mile sign in support of the awareness campaign has been extended to July 15.

The community campaign is a joint venture between the District of 100 Mile House and the South Cariboo Sustainability Society.

It is intended to raise awareness about the environmental and financial impacts of idling during the summer months. The campaign running between May 1-Sept. 1, 2013.

Launched on May 6, when three signs indicating IDLE FREE ZONE were posted at Safeway in the Cariboo Mall, the District then installed more signs at several other locations around town throughout the month of May.

Now, the District is preparing to purchase more Idle Free 100 Mile signs, and has moved the date to July 15 for folks to order those to allow more widespread participation.

The cost is between $25 and $35 each, based on the quantity ordered, and businesses are responsible for their own installation.

The District recently sent a letter to all South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce members asking for their consideration of purchasing and installing signs. These could be posted in either singles or multiples, depending on the location and parking.

The Idle Free 100 Mile IDLE FREE ZONE signs can be seen at several local businesses and at the South Cariboo Visitor Centre, Centennial Park, Martin Exeter Hall and the District of 100 Mile House office.

For more information or to order a sign, contact Joanne Doddridge at 250-395-2434 or jdoddridge@dist100milehouse.bc.ca.