Happy New Year

A new year is dawning.

As we look back to the year that was, it was astonishing to realize that while COVID-19 was the biggest newsmaker and laid a black shroud over our town, it wasn’t the only thing that happened in the South Cariboo in 2020.

There were other big stories – the permanent closure of the Norbord plant and the arson at the old 100 Mile Junior come to mind – that elbowed COVID out of the way for a day to take centre stage. There were also triumphs such as two new palliative care suites being developed by Interior Health and the 100 Mile Hospice Society at the 100 Mile District General Hospital. Realtors are also basking in a red-hot housing market this year, despite the pandemic, while tourism didn’t fare too badly given our plethora of lakes and outdoor pursuits.

Around the community, we smiled as we watched people like 96-year-old Helen Horn climb Lone Butte and Dr. Bruce Nicholson receiving a lifetime achievement award. We got a new beach at Centennial Park, 4-H leader Dimps Horn was recognized for 60 years of leadership and the Interlakes Cattlebelles – the last of its kind in B.C. – celebrated 40 years. That’s some pretty amazing feats right there.

And to top it off, the annual outhouse races took off, giving everybody a whiff of winter fun to kick off the year before it all went sour.

In sports, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Sure, the Wranglers had to sit most of the year out but they had some great games early on and had been on a winning streak until the pandemic hit, while a group of young figure skaters got to meet Elvis Stojko and got a training lesson to boot. The 100 Mile Nordics are also on a roll, with more memberships than ever and have plans to host the Nordic Cup in February.

It’s easy to look back and feel drained and frustrated and fatigued by COVID-19 but all in all, we did pretty well in 2020. We survived and adapted to whatever was thrown at us. Life carried on and we rolled with the punches, even though some of them a little heavier than others.

As we head into the new year, let’s remember the triumphs of 2020, how people pulled together and supported each other, how businesses stepped up, how we’re all here to see another year.

At the 100 Mile Free Press, we are appreciative of your support and loyalty over the past year and wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2021. You’ve earned it.

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