A beautiful sunset on Lac La Hache. (Jamie Fader photo - submitted).

A beautiful sunset on Lac La Hache. (Jamie Fader photo - submitted).

Bingo to return to Lac La Hache this month

Barbara Hansen column

The snow in the downtown area has disappeared and is now rapidly evaporating up in these hills, too. We are seeing muddy driveways, water running in ditches and, of course, all those mega potholes on the gravel roads. The paved roads in our area did not fare much better, most of them are needing some patching and repairing.

What I love most about spring is seeing the new baby calves and all the geese and ducks floating around in the ponds that have suddenly popped up in the low-lying pastures. Recently, when I have been out driving, I have even seen lots of deer and even a grouse or two.

The garbage dump is also following new spring hours, operating for longer hours each day and closed only one day per week – Thursday. The entrance is looking a little bit beat up, but hopefully, that will get fixed up soon before it worsens.

Many activities have started up in Lac La Hache and more are on their way! It is hopeful that attendance will pick up now that restrictions have been removed. Attendance at the Wednesday canasta card games at the Pioneer Centre has been low but hopefully, that will improve.

Yesterday we received notification that our bingo license has been successfully renewed and the first bingo will be held on April 20. I am excited to see my old friends and perhaps making some new ones. Come on out and have some fun with us!

The Thrift store started its new season on April 1 and from what I have heard the first two days were very successful and every day since then too! Judy and her gals have washed and arranged all the treasures perfectly for all of us to see, admire and buy! I was one of the first people down there shopping and exploring all the new stock, and thoroughly enjoying the great selection of books on hand.

The Thrift store’s working hours are Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. WiFi has been made available at the Thrift store in the last few days and the plan is to have interact in the next week or two. Come on out, you are more than likely to find the absolute best treasure you can imagine or hope for. For people who love brass there is a super great collection that has been donated, come on in and check it out!

The Pioneer center held its AGM on April 6 – it was very disappointing that the attendance was very low. The plan now is for the elections to be held at the next meeting – the positions have been filled on a temporary basis for the time being.

The one event that everyone truly loves and comes out to enjoy is the crib tournament. The one held on Saturday, April 9 was very well attended with record attendance! Everyone had a super great time playing cards and thoroughly enjoyed the scrumptious spaghetti lunch.

Vendor applications are coming in steadily for the garlic festival – the planning is falling into place rapidly and everyone is very excited about having this event again after an absence of two years. I think after all this time, it will be even bigger and better!

A new business to check out this month is Lac La Hache Candle Co. – hand-poured soy candles and wax melts made exclusively by Shaylene Gulliman.

I would like to thank Judy Jung Sutton for all the hard work she has done in the community. We wish you the absolute best and will miss you when you leave the area at the end of the month.

Our community is feeling truly blessed with receiving donations from the Cariboo Regional District – the Pioneer Centre reports that their grant of $3,624 has boosted their spirits and bank account while the Community Club received $2,500. Many thanks!

Lastly – great news! effective May 1, the Lac La Hache post office will resume operations on regular hours during the week and open for a few hours on Saturdays. Many thanks to Christine and her two helpers for doing a superb job in keeping the mail flowing and staying cheerful on those difficult days when buried in parcels and sacks of mail.

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A fox on Forbes Road. (Nedeen Boon photo - submitted)

A fox on Forbes Road. (Nedeen Boon photo - submitted)