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August long weekend brought two fishing derbies to the Mahood Lake Corridor

By Diana Forster
A whole bunch of happy kids thoroughly enjoyed their day at Deka Lake & District Ratepayers’ Association’s very first summer fishing derby. (Photo submitted)

By Diana Forster

Free Press Correspondent

The August long weekend brought two fishing derbies to the Mahood Lake Corridor. On August 5, the annual Sulphurous/Hathaway Derby, hosted by Mountain Spruce Community Centre Society (MSCC) saw 94 fish weighed in.

At Sulphurous Lake, Jay Kloster reeled in the largest of 46 kokanees at 2 lb 2.3oz. Luc Comeau’s fish weighed 2 lbs and Dan Stoelwinder’s weighed in at 1 lb 15.6oz.

Hathaway Lake produced 37 kokanee with Terri Endersby’s 1 lb1.6oz taking first place, followed by Benjy Lazon’s at 1 lb 0.9oz; and Guilano Polito’s at 1 lb 0.6oz.

Nine lakers and one burbot came in with Matt Lawruk’s 3 lb 12.6oz fish claiming first. Second place went to Tina MacCleod’s 3 lb 2oz burbot; and third to Cliff Wile’s 2 lb 15.2oz laker.

Only two rainbows were weighed in: Lynz Zagar’s 2 lb 3 oz specimen and Mike Pittenger’s at 8.4 oz.

The under 16’s had their own category with the win going to 13-year-old Jade Erickson for a 1 lb 1.2 oz fish. Second went to Paris Chouatae (10) at 1 lb 1 oz; and third to Benjy Lazon (11) at 1 lb 0.9 oz.

Happy raffle winners comprised Bill Whitehead of Sheridan Lake, who won the Bradley smoker; Dan Grant of Watch Lake, who won the custom fire ring; and Green Lake’s Holly Klassen, who went home with $300 cash.

Very special thanks go to MSCCS and its organizers, Tom & Patty Nash, the generous prize donors, the ticket sellers, cooks and so many other volunteers and the public for their huge support, all of whom created a huge success.

Then, on Sunday, August 6, Deka Lake & District Ratepayers’ Association (DLDRA) held their inaugural fishing derby on Deka Lake, with some 500 tickets sold, including 52 to under-12’s; and 110 fish reeled in!

Adult rainbow winners comprised Sheri Wiseman, 2.2 lbs; Lexi Russell, 2.1 lbs; and Brigiette McArthur, 1.7 lbs. In the under-12s, Ryder Vernon’s winning specimen weighed 1.2 lbs, followed by Aleena Kwiatkowski and Heather Peltz, whose fish each weighed 1.1 lbs.

Adult lakers numbered 26, with the win going to Dan Stoelwinder’s 14.7 lbs fish. Eric Kernel’s weighed 8.7 lbs, while Red Klinger’s came in at 6.8 lbs. The under-12s caught ten lakers, with winners comprising Ryder Vernon, 4.3 lbs, Alexander Rithauer, 2.8 lbs, and Tommy Macleod, 2.4 lbs.

Adults brought in 52 kokanee with Mike Pittenger winning for his 2.12 lb specimen. A five-way tie at 2.1 lbs ensued, so the following fishers each received a prize: Gary Gaudit, Jay Kloster, Kelly Maginnis, Ryan McKay and Dan Stoelwinder.

The younger crowd netted nine kokanee. Liam Reiter won with his 2.7 lb fish and Jayda McKay placed second at 2.4 lbs. Kayden Bury and Ryder Kernel tied, each with fish weighing 1.9 lbs.

The day culminated in an appetizing barbecue, which DLDRA provided free to all derby ticket holders at a private residence.

DLDRA is most grateful to the many volunteers who worked so very hard to make this derby happen. Their gratitude, of course, extends to their magnanimous prize donors, and the public without whose support the day would not have been the great success it was.

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Sheridan Lake’s Bill Whitehead, who won the first raffle prize at Sulphurous/Hathaway’s (MSCC) August 5 fishing derby. (Photo submitted)

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