Walt the Curber prowling the Cariboo

Vehicle Sales Authority urges consumers to be aware of curbers

Walt the Curber will be travelling throughout the Cariboo June 9-13, and he will be visiting a number of car dealers along the way, including a stop in 100 Mile House on June 10 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. before he heads up to Williams Lake.

Free Press readers have likely seen his mugshot under a bold red warning to “Watch out for Walt!” during the past year, or have read one of his many “Confessions of a Curber.”

No public events planned for this trip, says Doug Longhurst, Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) learning and communication director.

“We’ll be visiting dealers and we hope to find at least one in each community who would be willing to take some fun photos with Walt – perhaps showing him the road out of town at the city limits or next to his wanted poster.

“We’re looking for photos we can use in future campaigns and on our website: vehiclesalesauthority.com.

Curbers are individuals and companies selling vehicles as a business, without a licence and often by posing as private sellers, Longhurst explains.

Used vehicle buyers are putting their safety and finances at risk when they purchase a vehicle from a curber instead of a licensed dealer.

Licensed dealers are required to sell safe, lien-free vehicles and disclose the history and condition of a vehicle, he says, adding curbers are not.

“Buy a vehicle from a licensed dealer, the VSA is there to provide assistance. Buy privately and you’re on your own!”

Longhurst estimates that “up to 30 per cent of buyers (or 45,000 a year) may not realize they have bought from a curber.” Consumers are urged to request vehicle history reports, select safe vehicles and buy from licensed dealers, he notes.