Deserai Trozzo is the office administrator for eXp Realty. (Patrick Davies photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

‘Office hen’ watches over eXp Realty

Deserai Trozzo loves working with realtors and clients alike

Both buyers and sellers at eXp Realty have to go through Deserai Trozzo.

As the office administrator for the real estate office, it’s Trozzo’s responsibility to greet and connect people with real estate agents and ensure their paperwork is filed correctly.

It’s a busy job but somebody has to do it.

“It’s a thriving office, the vibes are good here and we have energetic driven realtors,” Trozzo, 39, said.

“I’m a people person so I greet people at the door and take care of my coworkers. I make sure they’re fueled for the day, have water and something to eat. I’m kind of the office hen who takes care of all her chicks.”

Trozzo joined eXp Realty a year ago, shortly after it was formed in 100 Mile House. It was her first foray into administration, so she had a lot to learn.

She had previously worked as a care aide for 15 years before becoming a single stay-at-home mom four years ago following the birth of her son.

In addition to serving as admin, Trozzo is also the personal assistant of realtor Jenni Guimond.

She credits Guimond’s patience and assistance in helping her quickly pick up her various duties.

During an average day, she has to be flexible and wear many different hats. Besides running the front desk and taking care of data entry, she’s also responsible for keeping eXp’s workplace clean, ordering new office supplies, accompanying realtors on listing appointments and anything else they need on a daily basis.

“I just try to keep everyone tickety boo and on par. I’m the organizer, they know that.”

Being a part of eXp has been a great experience, Trozzo said, adding eXp’s mix of young realtors and experienced veterans has had an effect on their clients.

She has often watched people compliment her coworkers for their work and even give them a hug.

Trozzo is also in charge of buying a personalized gift basket for clients to pick up along with the keys to their new home.

“I enjoy the people aspect of it, I do. I enjoy the people in the office and the people who come in and out of it,” Trozzo said.

“I love what I’m doing right now with life and work, so it’s been a really good year.”

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