New 4G tower to boost signals at 108 Mile Ranch

Improved reception, speed imminent for wireless services

Residents of 108 Mile Ranch, 103 Mile, and anyone travelling on Highway 97 through those areas should soon have greatly improved wireless services.

A new communications tower is under construction by TELUS – at a cost of half a million dollars – to bring better service to these communities.

TELUS media relations representative Liz Sauvé says it will enhance wireless services for customers in 108 Mile Ranch and the surrounding area – including the highway.

“This means residents in the 108 Mile area will soon notice enhanced wireless capacity and more reliable service for both wireless phone calls and wireless Internet use.”

Folks may also be excited to note the $500,000 investment also brings in the faster, 4G (Fourth Generation) service, she says, adding it will provide long-term evolution (LTE) to the community.

“This means with an LTE capable device … residents and visitors will have access to wireless Internet just as fast as their home connection, but on their Smartphone, tablet or Internet key.”

TELUS has rolled-out LTE to almost 90 per cent of the B.C. population, Sauvé explains, and will continue connecting more and more communities to 4G service throughout the rest of the year.

“We are finding this is what our customers are looking for these days – particularly in this age of hyper-connectivity. They want to go on the Internet and check e-mail, social networking sites and so on, and have things load as quickly as they would at home, but while they’re on the go, from a mobile device.

“The great news is we anticipate construction to be complete and the site to be live within the next month.”