offers scholarship is investing in education by offering five cash scholarships

Chris Drouillard

Chris Drouillard is investing in education by offering five cash scholarships, available to graduating students within its listening area.

Each award is worth $500 and there will be one given away at each secondary school in a group consisting of Peter Skene Ogden (PSO), Williams Lake Secondary, Columneetza, Correlieu in Quesnel and Sir Alexander Mackenzie in Bella Coola.

The Cariboo Radio Excellence Award is presented on the merit of volunteerism, says owner, Rob Fry.

“It’s there to help support students who are volunteers. The money is put aside from advertising sponsors.

“We take a percentage to put into the scholarship fundraising account, and at the end of the year, it gets dispersed.”

Interested students can find more details and apply for the award on the PSO website at