Tara Sprickerhoff

Slow pitch end of season tournament a hit

“Good, competitive ball played by all”

Aug. 24: Rain helpful after Elephant Hill grows on northern flank of fire

Crews working as fast as possible to use weather to their advantage

Microwave cause of smoke at 100 Mile A&W

“Nobody was hurt and [there was] very little damage other than to the microwave”

Dogs stick with sheep through wildfire

“If only they could talk”

Aug. 23: Growth on Elephant Hill fire near Hutchinson Lake and Young Lake

“The next 36 hours will be interesting in terms of weather”

Aug. 21: Elephant Hill fire hasn’t grown significantly since Aug. 13

Crews focusing activities on northern, eastern flanks of fire

Aug. 19: Elephant Hill fire now 25 per cent contained

Fire stayed within control lines on all flanks of fire today

Aug. 18: Elephant Hill fire remains behind guard lines and south of Green Lake

“It doesn’t look like the perimeter changed much this afternoon”

ESS volunteer puts training to practice

From mock-up situations to the real thing

Fire Rescue updates equipment

New breathing tanks, infrared cameras

Hockey season around the corner

Wranglers still in need of billet families

Volunteer uses own experience with fire to help others

“I know how it feels to be displaced.”

Aug 17: Over 100 firefighters in Canim Lake, Hawkins Lake area

Helicopter bucketing support helps with hotspots

Governments consider help for B.C. ranchers, farmers

Assessments being conducted on what is needed for agriculture sector

Aug. 16: Increased activity seen on fires near Canim Lake this afternoon

Aerial bucketing support assisting ground crews

Aug 16: Insignificant growth today on Elephant Hill fire

150 personnel working on the northern flank of the fire