Millar Hill

Easy Vancouver plays Forest Grove Community Hall

East Vancouver based musician Anastasia Schelchtleitner, known as Nasti Weather, stopped in…

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30 Years Ago (1989): The onset of spring spelled nothing but problems…

Should cell phones be restricted in schools?

Ethan Fitzpatrick 100 Mile House “Since I am autistic, for me it…

Lydia McLelland performs at Solid Rock Cafe

Gospel singer, Lydia McLelland, performed to a packed house during the Solid…

Annual Indoor 3D Archery Shoot attracts shooters province-wide

Competition saw over 100 participants this past weekend

For some students, cellphones can be more than a distraction

‘Since I am autistic, for me it is a health matter’

What do you think of day light savings time?

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100 Mile Elementary Grade 3 students learn to cross-country ski

“Activity is really important for children.”

Climber shares local waterfall climbing experience

‘For me, everyday climbing is a great day.’

District of 100 Mile Council adopts the 2019 Financial Plan

Council passes motion for electric charging stations participation

Shearing off a year’s worth of wool

‘It’s often used locally. We sell it locally to spinners and weavers’

Shearing off a year’s worth of wool

‘Its usually used locally to spinners and weavers. It can be used to make a number of things.’

A new Cariboo Artists’ Guild showcase on display at 100 Mile Business Centre

‘I think as artists we are all connected to something larger than ourselves’

Do you think it’s fair women now have to drive to Kamloops to give birth?

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100 Mile House’s food bank recieves large amount of money in a gaming grant

100 Mile and District Food Bank recieves $95 thousand on March 4.

From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

37Years Ago (1981): From all accounts - local realtors, bankers, businessmen, it…

100 Mile RCMP conduct lockdown drill at PSO

RCMP will continue to work with PSO to further best practices