Sarah Robinson leaps gracefully during her rope routine at the South Cariboo Rhythmic Gymnastics Year-End Gala on May 12. Tara Sprickerhoff photos.

Gymnasts delight at annual showcase

Gala attracts packed audience for rhythmic gymnastics display

Flipping, flying and dancing around the mat at the South Cariboo Rec Centre, gymnasts displayed their skills at the annual South Cariboo Rhythmic Gymnastics Year-End Gala on May 12.

The gymnasts have been working all year towards the Gala, amid other events they might participate in around the province.

Some practice multiple hours during the week. The Gala itself was well attended and the seats of the Rec Centre were completely filled.

“Everybody had fun, the crowd was cheering and they enjoyed the show,” says coach Sang-Hee Robinson. “It’s all about the kids and they made very special memories and left with big smiles.”

Over 80 gymnasts performed at the event ranging in age from three to 50-years-old. Some performed routines on their own, others in groups or in pairs. All performed to music.

“Being a gymnast means they are non-stop movers and then on top of that we add rhythmics, so they get to move with the music,” says Robinson. “They have different apparatuses in their hands and they get to experiment with their body movements and hand movements and manipulate their apparatuses in their own ways.”

While the club is small, especially compared to hockey, says Robinson, she hopes to provide as much opportunity to 100 Mile House as possible.

“I find it a huge effect on local children that they get to experience what rhythmic gymnastics is about,” she says.

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the gymnasts, all the parents and, of course, all the community members.”

The South Cariboo Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is the only registered rhythmic club in Northern British Columbia. Members of the group will be headed to the Provincial Gymnaestrada event in Kamloops at the end of May with the hopes of working their way towards the National Gymnaestrada in 2018.

Eleven gymnasts will also make their way to Victoria at the start of June for the B.C. Provincial Championship.