100 Mile U14 team bats away for silver in Kamloops

Team takes home silver from Kamloops

Last weekend the 100 Mile ‘N Hour U14 team went to an icebreaker fastball tournament in Kamloops.

The first game was against the Barrier Bruins which 100 Mile won 14-11. Aidan Moore was the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

The first inning they got four runs in with Liam Edle starting the team off. Paidyn Burwell and Brendan Scott hit a nice one into centre field which brought Edle and Burwell home.

Jackson Hooper went up to bat and hit a home run.

The second game, on Saturday, May 13 was against the Fleetwood Legends. The score was 21-3. The MVP was Virgil Kenndy. The players were playing like a team.

Sunday was an early morning 8 a.m. game against the Merritt bench warmers. The 100 Mile team won 17-3 and the MVP was Jackson Hooper.

They had to play Merritt again on Sunday in the playoffs and won 12-0

Lastly, they played Barriere for first and second at 4 p.m. It was an intense game but 100 Mile lost to Barriere by one run. The 100 Mile ‘N hour team got silver!