Historical Society has a lot to celebrate

BC Day (Aug. 1) opens tours, warden's cabin at 108 Heritage Site

Builder Joel Roorda

BC Day (Aug. 1) is going to be an exciting day for 100 Mile & District Historical Society members who will be celebrating a couple of events at the 108 Heritage Site.

At 11 a.m., there will be an official opening for the Game Warden Cabin that was recently moved from Stobie Lake near Gang Ranch, restored at Pioneer Log Homes in Williams Lake by the Timber Kings stars (HGTV), and resurrected on its final resting place at the 108 Heritage Site.

The log cabin was built on Sept. 25, 1941 by game wardens Jack Stewart and Walter Gill. They completed it in five days, and it was built with hand tools.

Pioneer Log Homes, which donated everything to make the move, restoration and set the cabin up at the 108 Heritage Site, placed the cabin on its platform on July 18 and shingled the roof and installed some siding in the following days.

The Timber Kings film crew caught all of the action and it will be shown on HGTV early in the new year.

Historical Society chair Ulli Vogler says society members then decorated the cabin, so folks can see what it would look like in 1941.

(Read the details of the move, restoration and placement at the 108 Heritage Site on page A4 of the July 21 edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press.)

Vogler says there will be a number of dignitaries at the official opening, tours of the cabin and refreshments.

The second event is the official opening of the museum. The students, who will be wearing period costumes, will start giving tours of the museum and walking tours of the buildings on the site.

The tours are free of charge. However, donations are gratefully accepted.

Folks can also do a self-guided tour and set their own pace.

So, it’s a great way to take in BC Day with your families.