Amber Alert issued by Vancouver Police

Mother alleged to have abducted her four-year-old daughter

Angela Hanley

At 6:36 p.m. on Nov. 24, the Vancouver Police Department issued a province-wide Amber Alert for information on the whereabouts of four-year-old Delilah Felton.

The young girl was abducted by Angela Hanley, 46, from the East King Edward area of Vancouver.

Felton is one metre and 22 centimetres in height, weighs 40 pounds and has red hair. She has blue eyes and is caucasian.

Felton was last seen wearing a colourful rain jacket, mostly red with flowers on it, a black shirt with writing on the front and black leggings with grey stripes.

Hanley is Felton’s mother. She is aged 46 and is five-foot-six. She was last seen wearing a light brown corduroy jacket with a fur lined hood, dark jeans and calf-height rain boots.

They are possibly travelling together and the police warn that if you see them, do not approach. Instead, phone 9-1-1 immediately.