Green Party resolution on justice for Palestinians lauded

Independent Jewish Voices welcomes support from federal Green Party leader

To the editor:

Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) is delighted to see the continuation of a healthy discussion and debate within the Green Party of Canada regarding the ongoing injustices directed towards Palestinians.

This is evidenced by a newly proposed resolution on the issue supported by the Green Party’s leadership, including leader Elizabeth May.

This proposed resolution is in keeping with the Green Party’s declared values, and reflects the values of Canadians who are sympathetic to the plight of oppressed peoples, including the Palestinians.

If this resolution passes, it will serve as an example for other parties to emulate.

It is not surprising this resolution has already come under attack by Israel lobby organizations, such as the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).

These groups do not represent many Jewish voices in Canada. In fact, many Jewish Canadians are tired of seeing such groups providing blind support for the Israeli government and doing so in their name. Israel, the vastly dominant party, is continuing its illegal practices of land expropriations, house demolitions, arbitrary arrests, and other forms of collective punishment, which oppress Palestinians daily.

Canadians are increasingly concerned and want to see their political leaders speak out about this behaviour.

IJV urges the Green Party of Canada’s leadership to stand strong in the face of defamatory attacks and bullying from Israel lobby organizations who refuse to permit any honest discussion or debate on this issue in Canada.

Upholding Green values of social justice and non-violence must take priority over the interests of a foreign government.

Tyler Levitan, spokesperson

Independent Jewish Voices Canada