What do your clothes say about your personality?

Are you quirky, sophisticated, (or) adventurous? The answer lies in what you wear.

Didi Henderson provides intriguing clothing and jewelry from around the world.

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Your fashion sense says a lot about who you are.

Whether you choose a lacy tank-top, a bold print dress or a more classic silk blouse, your unique personality shines through.

Are you quirky, sophisticated or adventurous?

With eclectic clothing from Italy, Spain, France and right here in Canada, the staff at Didi’s Boutique in 100 Mile House will help you choose the best outfit to reflect your mood.

Here is a bit of information before you stop by the store:

Bright and bold outfits

Do you prefer adding vibrant colours to your wardrobe? This has to do with the positive thoughts and energy you radiate to the world.

Or, if your eye is set on large prints, you likely have a warm and outgoing personality.

Moving away from classic grey and black toward hot colours definitely makes you a trendsetter.

Abstract prints: Tribal and geometric

Going unscripted with prints is a sign of an adventurous spirit who doesn’t want to follow the crowd.

These prints are unique and stunning – just like you. Your individuality shines through to everyone you encounter during the day.

The classics: black, grey and white

Your friends see you as someone who is sophisticated and organized – two highly sought-after traits.

By wearing these elegant colours, you appear urbane and in control of your life.

There is nothing better than the classics.

Didi’s Boutique has it all

No matter what your style, Didi’s Boutique will have the perfect wardrobe fit for your lifestyle – whether it’s for a special occasion, lounging around with friends or anything in between.

Founded in 1994, the boutique has been a mainstay in fashion in the Northern Interior.

The owner, Didi Henderson, has a passion for discovering intriguing and original clothing and jewelry lines from around the world.

Check out the new online shop at www.didisboutique.ca, featuring global and Canadian designers, to see the diverse and fashionable clothes the boutique has to offer.

Didi’s Boutique is located at 150 Birch Ave. in 100 Mile House.