‘We Scare Hunger!’

Forest Grove Elementary School students decide to help local families

Forest Grove Elementary School Grade 7 students came up with an idea to help feed local families on the name of Hurricane Matthew. Thanks to the leadership of the older students

During the month of October, Forest Grove Elementary School students came together to help families in need in the Forest Grove area.

The idea stemmed from Grade 7 students who wanted to help families affected by the recent hurricane in Haiti, says school principal Mikel Brogan.

Because of logistics, the grades 6 and 7 students decided to help families in the Forest Grove area in the name of the victims from Hurricane Mathew, he adds.

“I thought this was a fantastic idea, so we decided we would include the entire school.”

The Grade 7 students took leadership on the project and helped get the rest of the school together to have a school-wide competition.

“We called this campaign, “We Scare Hunger!”

Each class in the school generated a lot of food, Brogan notes.

In total, the students gathered more than 250 containers of non-perishable foods, he says, adding it equated to more than four items each of the almost 60 students at the school.

“I am very proud of our students, especially as this was an initiative that was started organically from within our school’s leadership team.

“As a school, we have focused hard on generosity and inclusiveness and this project demonstrates the type of fantastic and caring students we have here in Forest Grove. Great work everybody!”