Spaghetti dinner fully packed

Barbara Hansen’s regular correspondence for Lac la Hache

The spaghetti dinner and auction at the Pioneer Center was a smashing success! Attendance was great, almost 100 people, more tables were set up in a hurry to accommodate the crowd. The organizers of this event are truly grateful for all the support they received from the community and surrounding areas; the donations of food items, donations of items for the silent auction and a super great job that Donna Barnett did being the auctioneer this year. Thank you all!

The Pioneer Center was also the place to visit and cast your vote for the provincial election. Apparently, 400 registered voters came out throughout the day to do their duty, the line ups were not too long and waiting time was minimal.


Bingo remains busy even though the big jackpot was won a few weeks ago. Since then one more jackpot has been won and we have one more big one to go! Come on out and try your luck!

School trip

The students at the elementary school sure have different learning experiences and are creating memories. I honestly don’t remember anything like this when I was growing up!

The students travelled to the Old Schoolhouse at the 150 Mile Elementary recently. They travelled back in time to 1897 and had the opportunity to learn about life in the area during the Gold Rush, they wore clothing fashioned like the students from that time. They were instructed by the old schoolmarm and entered the schoolhouse in two lines, one for boys and one for girls. The students stood when speaking, practised writing on slate boards, stoked the stove for heat, made some old fashioned toys and had a visit to the penny candy store.

Most recently, the students have been spending more time learning outside of the classroom and observing nature on the playground. There are quite a few interesting trees and even a resident squirrel to observe.

A request has been made by the principal, if you have a dog, please take the time to clean up after it, in order to keep the grounds safe and clean for the students at the school. At this time, all students are busy training for the X-country run on May 18 at the 108 Mile Elementary.

Coming up

Couple things to look forward to in the next few months – Fathers Day Fishing Derby in June and Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Dept is planning a special event for August. Stay tuned for more details about these events!