Girl Guides program back in 100 Mile House

Guides opportunity for both younger and older area girls

Unit Leader Tracey Lervik

By Lawrence Loiseau

A 100 Mile House Girl Guides has been resurrected this year after an eight-year hiatus.

Girl Guides Chapter of the Cariboo Thompson Nicola region (#1012239) organizers have been registering girls since Oct. 15, thanks primarily to the efforts of Tracey Lervik.

We have 31 girls signed up at this time [Nov. 19],” Lervik says.

A special registration day was held on Nov. 19 at the 100 Mile House United Church. However, the guides accept newcomers all year around, Lervik explains.

You can join anytime. We’re aiming for 50 girls this time for 100 Mile House. At the moment, we have plenty of space for nine and up.”

People don’t always realize that the Girl Guides accept anyone between the ages of five to 17.”

In addition to the Guides, ages nine-11, there are Sparks, ages five-six; and Brownies, ages seven-eight. After Guides, there is Pathfinders, 12-14 years, and Rangers, 15-17 years.

Adults can participate in the Guides and work formally as treasurers or advisers.

People also don’t realize that the older girls – Pathfinders and Rangers – can earn scholarships and travel abroad.

“Every year, Girl Guides of Canada travel somewhere and they choose so many girls from British Columbia. This year, they will be sending girls to India.”

The Girl Guides organization has certainly grown during its century-long existence and is no longer limited to England and North America.

While it was formed in the England in 1909 as the sister organization to Lord Baden Powell’s Boy Scouts, it now exists in 147 countries.

The Guides are exclusively non-profit and their only fundraising is through its famous chocolate mint Girl Guide cookies, which cost $5 per box, Lervik explains.

We are selling them in the next couple of weeks. That will be it until next spring.”

We are also really in need of volunteers,” she adds.

Incorporating volunteers is serious business for the Girl Guides, Lervik notes.

All candidates go through police and background checks. There is also a strict Guide to volunteer ratio.”

To learn more information about the Guides, Lervik recommends going to

There is a video and a lot of information about girl guiding.

The Cariboo Thompson Nicola chapter also has a facebook page titled 100 Mile Girl Guides.

Registration costs $105, a one-time fee, plus $22 for the uniform.