Fall is in the air and with it, the bears

The bi-weekly column for the Lac la Hache area from Barbara Hansen

Fall has to be my most favourite season of the year, so colourful, the changing colours of the leaves, all yellow, orange and red! This year it is more special, you can go outside and finally get a breath of pure clean air. I am truly thankful that all the smoke has cleared out from our area.

Everything seems to be a few weeks behind schedule though, bringing in the firewood and certainly the canning. I finished mine on the weekend and for that I am grateful. It’s all hard work but well worth tasting and enjoying the stuff throughout the winter months!

The only thing that seems to be on schedule is the appearance of bears! They have been sighted behind the Hungry Bear Diner, Rangeland Motel, the old Villa Motel and Clarke Avenue behind the gas station. Keep your kiddies and pets safe and certainly don’t leave your garbage out to attract them into your yard.

Crime wave

It is most distressing to hear that our community has been the target of a bit of crime wave during the past few weeks. First, some signs were cut down and once they were repaired, a culprit went and defaced the moose sign two days in a row!

Someone tried to break and enter into the local gas station, taking out the iron bars and then smashing the front window. Thankfully, nothing was stolen last I heard. The worst thing though, is someone prowling around the cars at various locations, day or night.

I would like nothing better than if we could “round them up and head them out.” Then our community will be safe once again!

Just as a precaution, if you’re away from your vehicle from any length of time, please take time to lock it.

Mt. Timothy

Mt. Timothy Ski Hill is in a bit of a crisis. A GoFundMe page has been set up and a plea put forward for anyone able to please make donations. Unless they can raise a certain amount of funds soon, they will not be able to reopen mid-December.

Turkey Bingo

Thanksgiving Turkey Bingo had an attendance of 70 people, therefore prizes paid out were larger than usual.

Everyone seemed to have a super great time trying to win the 6 turkeys up for grabs and all liked the little door prizes that were raffled off.

Events coming up

Reminder – two fun events coming up on Oct. 14; $5.00 bag day at the Thrift Store from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the crib tournment at the Pioneer Center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hope you all come out and have some fun!