Aspiring artists create some colourful pictures at a previous Butterfly Brushes event. The next painting workshop is set to take place on Oct. 23 at the Spruce Hill Resort. Tickets are $35 and are available at Whimsey Gifts, Donex and the Hospice office. File photo.

Butterfly Brushes bringing community twist to painting night

Butterfly Brushes bringing community to painting

Painting amateurs will have another chance to pull out a paintbrush and create a masterpiece before the year is out.

The 100 Mile Hospice is hosting another Butterfly Brushes event on Monday, Oct. 23 — this time at the Spruce Hill Resort.

Attendees will be lead through how to paint a guided, winter-themed painting, and this one has got a distinctly Cariboo twist to it, says Hospice director Val Clemont.

Joanne Young, “our lady about town, the lady down the street, the paint lady,” says Clemont, will be leading the workshop.

“The picture that is actually on the brochures that are out is not exactly identical to what you will be painting that night. Joanne is putting her fabulous spin on it,” says Clemont.

Young, aside from painting the storefronts across 100 Mile House, has a degree in art and taught art for many years.

“We just feel so honoured to be able to have her with us,” says Clemont.

The Hospice decided to host the event at Spruce Hill this go around to showcase a new business in the area.

“As Hospice, we’re always looking to be able to touch any lives and we want to showcase them because they are new and we feel that it would be a real fun evening to go up there, people can purchase a little snack if they so choose, and we’re looking for a good-sized crowd — we’ve got lots of room.”

Money raised through ticket sales will go towards hospice programs.

“Everybody’s dollar is a contribution right back into their community and to the Hospice itself and the incredible work that everyone does there and it gives people a chance to have fun with a subject that isn’t a lot of fun and is very difficult.”

During the last Butterfly Brushes event, the painters raised $1,200 for the Hospice.

“Especially with Christmas coming this is a very difficult time of year for a lot of families if they lose a loved one at this time,” says Clemont. “Those firsts are always the most difficult.”

Through their palliative care programs and equipment as well as simple support for families, Hospice is able to help improve quality of life services to ease people’s passing, as well as supportive care for the bereaved.

For more information on Hospice or how you can volunteer, you can call the office at 250-395-7680.

“We feel like we want to be able to do something that is a little lighthearted. That’s why we do the Butterfly Brushes, that’s why I love it. I’m never sure who is having more fun at these nights, me or my guests,” says Clemont.

Tickets for the Butterfly Brushes event cost $35 and are available at Whimsey Gifts, Donex and the Hospice Office.

The event will take place on Oct. 23 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Spruce Hill Resort.

“Just come out and play with us.”