Save-On-Foods helps support the C.O.R.E.Y. foundation

Raffle ticket and hotdog sales go towards motorcycle safety

Karen Cleave

So far, 100 Mile House Save-On-Foods has raised $1,100 for the Coalition of Riders Educating Youth (C.O.R.E.Y.) foundation.

The store had a hotdog sale and has been selling raffle tickets for a 100,000 Save-On-More prize to support the cause.

This foundation began after Denise Lodge’s son, Corey, was killed in a motorcycle accident 11 years ago.

Since then, Lodge has been determined to promote motorcycle safety and help improve riding regulations.

Participating Save-on-Foods stores began a challenge to raise $3,000 each to support Lodge as she travels Northern British Columbia, promoting the C.O.R.E.Y. foundation.

The hotdog sale was a great success with $336 raised.

100 Mile House Save-On-Foods assistant store manager Jake Martin says many people were aware of the cause before coming into the store.

A lot of people saw the article in the [Free Press] and knew what it was about. They have been happy to donate.”

Martin says he believes the cause is just and can help those who wish to get their own bikes in the future.

It’s important to educate the youth. It’s something that should be taught regardless.”

100 Mile House Save-On-Foods employee Karen Cleave who assisted with the hotdog sale says she simply wanted to help Lodge with her cause.

I can’t imagine the loss of a child and I think it’s good for [Lodge] to talk about it.”

The fundraiser will continue until tomorrow (July 29) when the winner of the 100,000 Save-On-More prize will be announced.