Moonlight Madness illuminates happiness downtown

Birch Avenue businesses packed with smiling customers

Kamryn Amundson

Work ‘N’ Play owner Ken Thomas says it was once again a busy, fun and exciting Moonlight Madness sales event this year.

“It was fantastic night. The parade was great, everybody was happy and that is good.”

While sales were “as good as it’s always been” on Moonlight Madness, there’s more to it than business, he adds.

“We’ve always liked to participate with what the town was doing, and it’s always worth it. It’s only successful because everybody participates.”

Thomas explains a lot of fun was clearly had by all the people gathered in town catching up with folks they may not have seen since last’s year’s parade.

The staff all had fun seeing all the happy faces, as well as watching the parade going by on Birch Avenue, he adds.

“You see a lot of people meeting, and congregating and talking, and having fun. It’s that small-town atmosphere.”

Thomas notes the Santa Claus Parade had so many floats that it seemed to take twice as long as he had expected.

Outlaw owner Frankie Vitorino was also thrilled by the happiness seen on the faces of folks enjoying the parade and the local holiday shopping sales.

“It was an absolutely beautiful night, and everyone was out and about, and a lot of young families … with strollers and babies and kids.”

While she isn’t sure if retails sales were up from previous years’ events, Vitorino says the Outlaw certainly did well.

The store was packed with customers, which was “excellent” and overall Vitorino says she was pleased with the event turnout.

“It was a great night just to see that many people out.”

She adds the event could not have been nicer except maybe with a bit of white snow on the ground for the parade, but there were a few flakes coming down by later in the evening.

“The parade was beautiful with all the lights and I think it just put people in a happy mood. It was really nice.”